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Internationalisation strategy & target markets

MobiGoIn-Action will support potential business partnerships and technological opportunities in USA, Canada, China and Singapore to initiate business collaborations for companies in the field of smart mobility innovation in our two target markets (Automotive and Smart Cities). This will be made possible through an Acceleration Program consisting of services and activities that – answering to the companies identified needs and ambitions – will provide you with the right tools to succeed internationally, as well as through an Internationalisation Program consisting in missions formed by hands-on initiatives and opportunities built to support the internationalisation of our network.

Acceleration Program and Internationalisation Program

MobiGoIn-Action offer internationalisation opportunities to European SMEs and start-ups through two different programs: an Acceleration Program (training, mentoring and coaching  and an Internationalisation Program (visits and B2B with potential partners/buyers/clients), focused on the Automotive and Smart Cities target markets.
SMEs can access these Programs through a 2-step call mechanism, which will be activated for both targeted World-Regions: North-America 
and China-Singapore.

These processes will be implemented for both World Regions, starting with WR1: USA and Canada (spring 2018) and then WR2: China and Singapore (Autumn 2018). Travel reimbursement for the participation to the European Matchmaking event and the International missions will be available, to a certain extent.

1. Want to expand in USA or Canada?

Call 1 for interest is open!

The first open call is focused on gathering the European SMEs interested in internationalisation opportunities in USA and Canada regarding the Automotive and Smart City markets. This Call for interest is adressed to companies (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and start-ups) interested to take part to the Acceleration Program, aimed at preparing European SMEs and start-ups to approach the USA and Canada international markets. 
To participate to this call, each interested company must fill in the Call for Interest Application form.

To easily prepare your answers, you can download the fac-simile document: CLICK HERE
This fac-simile document shows all the questions and information you will need to fill in the online form. We strongly suggest gathering all the requested information before starting the submission, because it is not possible to save the answers and modify them in a second moment.  Filling out the Application form should require about 20 minutes.
 Deadline for submission: June 29, 2018 at 17:00 CET
Only online applications filled in English will be considered eligible.

For companies that are:

  • European SMEs and startups with smart mobility solutions,
  • Interested in business and technological collaborations and partnerships in the USA and Canada,
  • Targeting the Automotive (primary market) and Smart Cities (as a secondary market) markets.

The Acceleration Program

After the first call, the selected companies will participate in a series of trainings and coaching activities, aimed at preparing companies to approach the target markets, providing internationalisation competences and skills, market trends analysis, and focused information about market entry and how to better approach a potential buyer/partner. 

The acceleration activities will last about 5 months and will end with a European matchmaking event, where companies from around Europe that participated to the Acceleration Program will have the opportunity to meet in person and talk about potential collaborations and cooperation opportunities. It will be also a moment of consolidation of MobiGoIn-Action value-chains and a further opportunity to receive focused training.

Select the country your seated: and you'll get your acceleration services

Local events

The activities will be arranged in the four different countries; Sweden, Italy, Germany and France. Take a look at the upcoming events. 

Insights on the USA market

  • A big market, with the highest GDP, constantly growing. Its stable growth allows medium/long-term planning, which makes business easier.
  • It ensures an international visibility for developing towards other new markets.
  • Competitiveness and innovation: USA is among the most competitive countries in the world; innovation and the efficiency of the financial market are the main strengths.
  • It has one of the strongest purchasing powers worldwide.
  • It supports new companies interested in entering the market. States are in competition to attract investments: grants, tax credits, loan, tax exemptions are foreseen for FDI.

Insights on the Canadian market

  • Growing market, with a low credit risk.
  • Regarding the Smart Mobility market, Canada’s biggest cities are clogged with traffic, the worst centres being Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary, commuting times are getting longer, traffic is moving slower, congestion is getting worse, which translates in costs for the cities and its citizens.
  • The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is the new trade agreement between the EU and Canada, which eliminates 98% of the tariffs and will create vast new opportunities across the EU and Canada, opening new markets for exporters, generating high-quality jobs for European and Canadian workers, and forging closer links between the two economies.
  • It’s an advantageous access to other markets: thanks to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade agreements, Canada is a strategic location for approaching North America and eastern emerging countries.
  • It presents a stable political climate and clear and transparent regulations: Canada is ranked as the one of the best countries in the world for economic freedom. The conditions of the labour market, the cost of production inputs, access to credit and stability of the political system make it one of the best countries for its business environment (fastest and simplest procedures for starting a business).

2. Want to expand in China or Singapore?

This call will open October 2018

For companies that are:

  • European SMEs and startups with smart mobility solutions,
  • Interested in business and tech collaborations and partnerships in China and Singapore
  • Targeting the Smart Cities (primary market) and Automotive (as a secondary market) markets.

The Acceleration Program

Not released yet. 

Local events

Interested in business and tech collaborations and partnerships in China and Singapore, The activities will be arranged in the four different countries: Sweden, Italy, Germany and France. Take a look at the upcoming events. 

Select the country your seated: and you'll get your acceleration services:

Not released yet. 

Insights on China:

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Insights on Singapore:

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